How We Build Websites

Website design fundamentals How we build websites With the incredible amount of tools for developers such as our companies and amateur build your own “wizards” we thought it would a good blog article to explain how we do it. Read On Get The G7 Genesis 7 (G7) technology has been the engine powering our website …

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2019 SEO Trends

KEEP RANKED IN GOOGLE SEO TRENDS 2019 In 2019 Google Search Engine algorithms continue down predictable path.  If you find your rankings suddenly dropping and your Google Maps/Places listing falling don’t blame the lack of information available.  Nothing is really changing as far as what you need to focus on for long term SEO success.  …

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seo changes

Time Are A Changin’

It’s 2019. Times are a changin’ and a great website is no longer a “gimmick” or “competitive edge” but as fundamentally important to your business as a phone! Don’t have a website that screams “TAKE ACTION” – “TRUST” – “CREDIBILITY” – “EASY TO USE?” If you don’t, by now, then you are either out of …

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