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Ranking in the google "snack pack"

rank in the top 3 on Google Places

Our website SEO series takes a Google’s places section and how to rank in the snack pack which is the top 3 places that show without clicking “More Places.”

This is how you get organic zero cost clicks – the number one way.

The Cliffs Notes Version

As a blog post we can only go into so much detail so I’ll give you the keys to getting your business in the “Snack Pack” as soon as possible.  If you need more information on a term research our EngineX Design blog.

  • Fill out every single detail on Google My Business (GMB)
  • On a monthly basis post useful tips or updates on GMB
  • Make sure you address/phone/number/website all match and are consistent with other directory entries
  • Verify your business address
  • If you are service company and only go out to customers make sure this is filled out correctly
  • Get reviews and reply to them
  • Get visitors to ask questions (questions & answers section) and answer them
  • Get “citations” or directory pointers to your address/phone/website such as Bing Places, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.  Check out third party citation companies such as Bright Local or ourselves if you don’t want to be hands on for help.

Keep in mind that the minimum to see a stable impact (not a sudden spike up which is short lived) is about 6 months.  In many markets it might take 1-2 years with consistent posts, reviews, etc to get yourself in the snack pack.  Of course if you plan on staying in business then you have to understand their are no quick fixes or instant ranking tricks.

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