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Facebook Advertising 101

Facebook Ads are becoming more and more important to keeping your business competitive in the digital marketing world.

For many businesses Facebook advertising can account for as much of a 20% boost in customers with a great ROI that you wouldn’t normally get with Google Ads.  This is significant and there is a growing market for Facebook customers as many of them never even do a Google Search (they live on FB).

Why Facebook?

The goal of this blog post isn’t to walk you through something that Facebook Ads can walk you through.  We aren’t going to rip off screen shots and reword already written instructions on FB just to score a few cheap SEO points for another blog post.  Nope.  This post is to educate you on why you should consider adding Facebook to your digital marketing arsenal and — even if it can replace Google.

Some Prospects Only See Facebook

The very fact that some online prospects go directly to their Facebook page is why Facebook has a lot of traction with digital marketing.  Many online prospects never run a Google query and even do searches for businesses and services within Facebook only.  They have their computers open to Facebook all the time and are great targets for ads.  You won’t get them via Google.

Super Targeting & More

Some key advantages of advertising with Facebook:

  • You can target specific customer interests and demographics better than Google Ads
  • For many industries Google Ads are too expensive and can sink a business before getting any kind of return.  Facebook can be a low cost alternative
  • For many industries the competition is too stiff for online website/SEO advertising to work any time soon
  • Many consumer types don’t shop via web searches anymore and, instead, use social media exclusively
  • Unlike useless advertising platforms like Yelp Facebook is a genuine alternative that can bring in a great ROI if done right
  • Facebook makes it easy with videos and walk-throughs to get you up and running (just pay attention or you’ll find yourself wasting money

These are just a few advantages but the bottom line is that while Facebook is not a replacement for Google Ads it’s a great side-kick and can give you another boost especially if you are tapped out on your prospects with Google Ads.

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