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In 2019 Google Search Engine algorithms continue down predictable path.  If you find your rankings suddenly dropping and your Google Maps/Places listing falling don’t blame the lack of information available.  Nothing is really changing as far as what you need to focus on for long term SEO success.  The only thing new is the impact is now starting to be felt by those who follow or don’t follow the core rules.

You've Been Warned It's Coming

I’m not in the mood to post a long article beating commonly understood SEO recommendations into the ground.  If you want detail go to our sister company for more seo tips.  Below are the highlights of what you need to focus on and, keep in mind, most of them have been talked about for years so start listening if you haven’t been.

  • Social media is starting to matter – After years of irrelevance your FB (for one social media example) post quality and frequency will start to affect your Google organic rankings!  Also keep the FB post quality and relevance tuned – please void posting meme’s of dancing dogs wearing cowboy hats.
  • YouTube is becoming huge – Google can now read your videos as if they are text.  Google videos count as content and considering YouTube has been barely tapped for small business it’s time to start putting together good quality videos.  Don’t waste your time with template wizard videos though – do ones with actual people talking and demonstrating your stuff.
  • Content – long content matters – Total page content above 1800 words typically ranks higher and posts / articles are trending 500 plus words.  So make them good and don’t stuff them with keywords or higher an outsider like us to do them unless you want to pay a lot.  Don’t pay those $1 an article companies to do posts for you either – unless you want to get penalized by Google.
  • Citations Still Mater (and always will) – Citations as in listings in Bing, Google Places, LinkedIn, etc that repeat your business Name Address Phone + Website (NAP + SITE).

Of course this really doesn’t cover everything but I will re-emphasize content quality.  Google is beginning to reward and penalize for content relevance and how well it improves the visitor / searchers experience.  If you post stuff that help people make a decision or learn something you are promoting then you’ll get rewarded.  If you post a lifeless, hollow article that was written in India for $1 and uses keywords over and over then you’ll find yourself disappearing in both the search engine organic results and Google Places for Business (Maps/local listing).

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