Google Ranking Series

Google Ranking Factors 2019

Take this is a great information dump of what factors tend to affect your website rankings on Google the most.

With factors I’m not listing everything – just some of the most important and generally the easiest to do something about if you’re interested in ranking higher on Google.

Google Ranking factors

Google has been kind of consistent on a few areas over the last three years.  These areas are all content related which we and our sister company EngineX Design have emphasized as your future with SEO.

Google has pushed up the importance of video year after year and now, according to is starting to have an impact, even if it’s slight.  Video is now relevant to your rankings but, while growing in importance, is not crucial…yet.  The biggest emphasis is on quality content that has an average word count about 1500-2000 words (on your landing page for example).  Sites with less words tend to rank lower and sites with more words don’t seem to benefit more.

Images are the last part of content that have been important for quite a while and continue to increase in importance.  The average is 16 images per page for higher rankings although the range is about 10-20.

Beware of how your content is formatted as well.  Make sure that you have it broken down in a top down format and use bulleted lists/ tables when appropriate as Google loves this.  Research “microdata” as this blog post doesn’t cover it but it’s a way of marking up your data to help Google better understand it and display it (rich snippets) in search engine results.


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