Google Ads Series part ii

Google Ads cliff notes II

In part II of our series I will continue to focus on Google Ads – Advanced Interface previously known as Google Adwords.  This, by far, is the most complex and most powerful.

Google Ads have a high failure rate but in most cases it’s the business not knowing how to advertise correctly and/or optimize their landing page for conversions.

Google Advertising Bullet Points II

Today I’ll bullet point what you need to know – the 30,000 ft version, for converting site visitors into customers. When a visitor is on your website it is critical that it’s ready for immediate action and follows industry standard conversion principles.  For more on website landing pages check out our sister companies website and it’s blogs:

  • Answer The Question – The main question… What is this site about?  Don’t waste time – tell them this is the plumbing service they are searching for…
  • Call To Action – Make sure there is a reason why the site visitor should do anything – sale/free-instant quote/etc
  • Layout – Follow the rule of thirds and other key principles such as keeping turbulence down.  Check out our blogs or our sister companies blogs – for more information.
  • Easy – Make it easy to get what they want.  Need pricing?  Setup an instant form for pricing – immediate gratification allowing you to capture follow-up info on the visitor
  • Above The Fold – make sure that that all the action listed above happens in the top half of the first page that they land on – as in the immediately visible part of the landing page.

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